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Namaste to Satguru Bodhinatha & all monastics! Thank you for your creative & tireless work to keep us informed & up to date. Blessings!

Larry Gibson
CA, United States

Hinduism Today is doing exemplary work in giving Hinduism such great visibility globally. Your work needs all the support, specifically from Hindus everywhere. Thanks for your great contributions.

Gangadhara Mathad
NY, United States

This website explains Hinduism the way I need to see it; direct, authoritative and full of love.

Greg Rogers
CA, United States

From TAKA to the Online books, through the Mini Mela and onto the Panchagam, I am on your website most days. Thank you.

Ganga Sivanathan
South Australia, Australia

I visit the websites almost daily. This is a small way to say thanks.

Ravichandran Ramachandran
Federal Territories, Malaysia

Each visit is like a life-giving drink of water while in the desert -refreshing, quenching, fulfilling.

Usha Katir
CA, United States

No other organization is doing it this well. My pranamas.

Kathirasan K
Singapore, Singapore

Having access to the website keeps us connected.

Denise Coso
CA, United States

I deeply love and appreciate Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. Thanks for providing this precious opportunity to give!

David Lippmann
Maryland, United States

TAKA brings the teachings of the Parampara into my home and that of thousands of devotees on a daily basis balancing the forces of the world.

Hitesvara Saravan
Hi, United States

With so much misinformation, even disinformation on Hinduism abounding, it is deeply important to have accurate online resources on Hinduism-as many as possible.

Gayatri Rajan
CA, United States

I would like to help spread the true teachings of hinduism.

Anil Ananda
Badhwar, Oslo, Norway

Gurudeva’s teachings changed my life. Since I don’t have much now, this is a small contribution that I can afford today.

P, Srinivasan
Tamil Nadu, India

The love and devotion and shakti of Bodhinatha and Gurudeva and all of the monks shines through this site, it is a joy and blessing to read their words everyday.

Laura Mehr
FL, United States

In to-day’s changing world, electronic media is what interests the youth. As such Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is spear-heading in the right direction, and i wish to thank them for their fore-sight.

Thiru Satkunendran
Ontario, Canada

My life changed after knowing Hinduism and this monastery. This is all an important part of who I am and what I am to be.

Andre Garzia
RJ, Brazil

Just maybe a searching soul will find this website and know that they have found truth.

Shama Vinayaga
Alberta, Canada

With Prayers that our Holy Monks continue to provide this wonderful resource of unbiased,valuable & accurate spiritual information to everyone for ever.

Anil Kumar
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We are very fortunate to have Kalasa Parampara’s way of life available in electronic format and to have the Panchangam to live in tune with the universe.

Arunasalam Vathavooran
Wales, United Kingdom

No other institution has done so well to expose multitude layers of a culture, spritualism, and beliefs over thousands of years as you have done.

Brundaban Panigrahy
Iowa, United States

You are providing a great service to the Hindu community at large and others interested in our philosophy. Please keep up the good work. Best wishes.

Dr. Sheenu Srinivasan and Dr. Amrutur (Sheenu) Srinivasan
CT, United States

How many lifetimes have I waited for this once-in-a-yuga opportunity to help serve and preserve the Sanatana Dharma!

Chamundi Sabanathan
CA, United States

We can’t think of a richer, more accurate resource to enhance and expand knowledge and understanding of our religion. Being parents of a young child, this is extremely important to us. Thank you Satguruji.

Gaurav Malhotra
IL, United States

To ensure this open, liberal way of life and the knowledge of the vedas is available to our future generations.

Vinod Varapravan
Ontario, Canada

We are being shown a new perspective of life more radiant, full and loving. Thank You Sat Guru Bodhinathaswami and other Monks for the treasures revealed.

Prithviraj Auroomooga Putten

The teachings of Gurudeva have profoundly helped me manage my life and my spirituality. Thank you Gurudeva and Sadguru, Ganesa, Muruga and Siva.

Srinivasan Parthasarathy
Tamil Nadu, India

Hinduism is a river of milk that nourishes all who drink from it. When one has the ability to give back, one must do so.

Suresh Jambunathan
IL, United States

This is for the future generations done today.

Shara Selvatoray
Selangor, Malaysia

Gurudeva’s brilliance and love are reflected daily to us through the Aadheenam’s website. It is a treasure to many.

Larry Gibson
CA, United States

I would hate to think that these wonderful teachings wouldn’t be available any time, any where.

Carol-Anne McLachlan
BC, Canada

It is very important to get correct, unbiased knowledge about Hinduism – knowledge and guidance that is based upon the intention of divine goodwill and not profiteering.

Aniruddha Choudhary
VA, United States

For my personal, family, future generation and the general masses around me, we need this resource. I appreciate their Selfless contribution.

Shridhar Deo
TX, United States

I am enrolled in the Master Study Course which has been a rich and enlightening experience for me. It is complete and beautiful. Without the Himalayan Academy, the richness and depth of the material would not be accessible to the wider audience. Aum Namah Shivaya

Lauren Vasquez

I have got a lot of knowledge in terms of the books contents and videos on these website, would like to show my gratitude towards all the swami’s, guru’s and the teachers.

Ganesh Kumar
karnataka, India

As a westerner devotee, there is a lot to Hinduism that I need to know for my sadhana. Now with the Himalayan Academy and Hinduism Today online, I have the chance to learn anywhere there’s internet!
William Ferguson

Thank YOU for this divine treasure trove to keep us all inspired and steadfast in our sadhanas. It is a spiritual battery charger, as well as eye blinders to keep us away from seeing negativity and only bless us to see and feel the positive and love; and take everything that comes our way with understanding of the teachings of our Sanatana Dharma.

Tina Desai

Our beloved Bodhinatha and the monks at Kauai Hindu Monastery work tirelessly to produce the state of the art magazine, Hinduism Today, every quarter. It alone would be an incredible feat by any publisher. But then you go to their website and are in awe of all the information on Hinduism that is just a click away. I want to donate to help make sure all their resources are available to all into the future of futures. Thank you.

Shyamadeva Dandapani

My donation is small in comparison to the wealth of information available to me and to everyone else who comes to this site.

Anjali Sundaram
California, United States

Great teachings from amazing teachers. A blessing to all who encounter the Satguru and monks of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery.

Michael Wasylkiw
New Jersey, United States

Sanathan Dharm needs help. I love this work. A small contribution from Nepal, the Hindu Kingdom.

Gopal Basnet and Jugat Bahadur Basnet
Koshi Zone, Nepal

Hinduism has changed our lives in so many ways and staying connected to Kauai’s Hindu Monastery and the many resources this site offers through the Web enriches both of us more each day.

Adi and Asha Alahan

Sanatana Dharma must build online temples where youth like me can easily go.

Sundar Iyer
VIC, Australia

Real truth and knowledge is rare right now on this planet. But they are both available at the source to the seeker from our Monastery.

Roja, Mervyn, Shankaren and Prithviraj Auroomooga Putten

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